School Schedule

As a reference, here are the courses I have taken at IU thus far. Recall that I am doing a PhD in Decision Science and Operations Management.

Fall 2013:
Linear Optimization (1/2 semester, Kurt Bretthauer)
Integer and Nonlinear Optimization (1/2 semester, Kurt Bretthauer)
Dynamic Programming (1/2 semester, Goker Aydin)
Exploratory Data Analysis (full semester, Karen Kafadar)
Foundations of Information Systems Research (1/2 semester, Alan Dennis)
Introduction to Complex Systems (full semester, Filippo Radicchi)

Spring 2014:
Inventory Theory (1/2 semester, Gil Souza)
Supply Chain and Distribution (1/2 semester, Gil Souza)
Behavioral Operations Management (1/2 semester, Shanshan Hu)
Humanitarian Logistics (1/2 semester, Alfonso Pedraza Martinez
Game Theory (1/2 semester, Eric Rasmusen)
Asset Pricing Theory (full semester, Craig Holden)

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