What the

The Colts ran one of the worst plays in NFL history on Sunday. Perhaps you saw it.

This Grantland article has a good discussion of the play. I particularly like the conclusion:

That, combined with the significant likelihood that Whalen was instructed not to snap the football, is why I can’t get onboard with the idea that the decision to try the fake punt should get Chuck Pagano fired, even if Pagano took the blame afterward. (Indeed, Pagano could be seen after the play saying something to the effect of “Why did you snap the ball?”) The game wasn’t quite a lost cause, but coaches make routinely worse decisions on a weekly basis; Jim Caldwell’s decision to kick a field goal down seven points late in the fourth quarter in Detroit, for one, was patently worse. Pagano’s play call was questionable, but it was the execution of the Snapfu that was truly dreadful.

I remember saying “why did the Lions just kick a field goal? What the… ” on Sunday, as well.

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