Walking Roller Coaster

I grew up at Kings Island, and I love roller coasters. One of the best rides I ever had was when I was on Drop Zone. The ride went to the top of its climb, and got stuck. There were announcements that we’d be up there awhile while they fixed something. While that freaked a lot of people out, I thought it was awesome because the view was amazing and the weather was great. I was up there long enough to find the neighborhood where my parent’s home was. After 10ish minutes, we could tell that whatever was broken was being fixed. There was a heightened anticipation of “when are we going to drop?” We made it down alive though.

The thing about normal coaster rides is that they don’t stop. So if you want to enjoy the view, you better do it quick. This new “coaster” in Germany doesn’t quite have that problem though. It’s a walking coaster with a loop. I… don’t think you can actually walk the loop, but I’m not positive. I can’t figure out how it would work and no one is on it in any of the pictures. But still, a cool idea with some pretty views that you can watch for as long as desired.

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