The rules were meant to be changed, not broken

Sports like to change their rules lately.
I already knew about the NFL changing the extra point kick distance to punish good kicking.
I already knew about NCAA basketball moving to a 30 second shot clock and getting rid of the 5 second on-ball defending turnover.
I just learned about hockey moving to 3 on 3 overtimes to encourage scoring via more open space on the ice. Looks crazy. Not going to get to shootouts too often anymore.

Fans are going to love it and the forwards are going to love it. Goalies and ā€˜Dā€™? Maybe not as much.

Another group that might not like it? Sports researchers. As someone who often uses multiple years of data to make a point, I’ll just say that changing the rules makes analysis difficult. Stop doing it so often.

The more things change, the less they stay the same.

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