Energy Research

Working Papers:

1. Mind the Gap: Coordinating Energy Efficiency and Demand Response
Status: Working Paper Available
Collaborators: Owen Wu, Kyle Cattani
Abstract: Energy efficiency programs and demand response programs, two popular approaches to energy demand-side management, traditionally are designed and evaluated independently. Breaking with this tradition, we examine the interactions between long-term energy efficiency upgrades and daily demand response participation at an industrial firm. Using a representative model of the firm’s production and society’s energy generation, we show that a larger incentive to participate in demand response leads to a reduced investment in energy efficiency. We re-examine the energy efficiency gap caused by environmental externalities of electricity generation, and find that policies aiming to close or reduce the energy efficiency gap, such as investment subsidies and ecological taxes, may fail to achieve their desired outcomes when firms participate in demand response. Our analysis facilitates the coordinated design of energy efficiency and demand response incentives to maximize the combined benefits of both demand-side management programs.

o Honorable Mention, Best Student Paper, POMS College of Sustainable Operations, 2017

Presented at
o INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, 2017
o MSOM Annual Meeting, Chapel Hill, NC, 2017
o Early-Career Sustainable Operations Management Conference, Charlottesville, VA, 2017
o INFORMS Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, 2016
o POMS Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, 2016
o INFORMS Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, 2015

Work in Progress:

2. Utility Ownership of Decentralized Combined Heat and Power
Status: Work in Progress
Collaborators: Owen Wu, Gil Souza

Presented at
o INFORMS Annual Meeting, Houston, TX, 2017
o Cincinnati-Dayton INFORMS Fall Technical Symposium, Dayton, OH, 2017