Project Updates- October 16, 2014

Well, middle of semester hits, and my posting frequency goes down. Predictable.

6 main projects of interest to me right now, 4 of which are actively being undertaken:
1. Investigating feasibility of multi-level triage in EMS: Gave a presentation in front of the department last Friday. It went very well. I am beginning the first draft of the paper.
2. Predicting sports attendance: A project for two classes (Econometrics and Service Operations) that is in the initial stages. I am looking to improve day-to-day forecasts of attendance for baseball games. Perhaps other sports too.
3. NFL betting model: Presented a poster on the successful betting model we created. Need to find time to write up the results. Analysis is done. Model wins enough bets (over 30 years) to make a profit, even if you bet equally on every game.
4. Finding sunk costs in call centers: Very initial analysis done. It looks like the longer someone spends in the button-pushing segment of the call center (sunk cost), the longer they are willing to wait for service. Among other findings.
5 (in planning). Prestige rankings: Want to create a website that generalizes the effort shown in this paper to all sports.
6 (in planning). Have a great idea for optimizing end-of-game decision making in basketball. Dynamic programming will be involved.

I’m also doing work for 3 PhD classes and teaching myself advanced econometrics. Busy.

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