Papers Read June-December 2014

I’ve started to keep the first page of each academic paper that I read in a binder, marked with my notes about the paper’s content and usefulness. I started doing this in June 2014. Between June and December, I read 89 academic papers. 40 of those were for Kurt Bretthauer’s Service Operations class.

By Decade:
1960’s: 1
1970’s: 3
1980’s: 9
1990’s: 16
2000’s: 24
2010’s: 35
(I’m surprised the 2010’s beat the 2000’s by that much)

Journals (with more than 1 paper read):
Production and Operations Management: 11
Management Science: 10
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management: 9
Operations Research: 8
Harvard Business Review: 4
Journal of Sports Economics: 3
Applied Economics: 2
Decision Sciences: 2
Interfaces: 2
Journal of Marketing: 2

Total citations among 89 papers: 47,531
Max citations: 15,588
Total citations among top 9 papers: 40,318
Mean citations: 573
Median citations: 54
Papers with less than 5 citations: 20, though some are very new

If interested, the full Excel list is here.

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