My Super Bowl Prop Bets

I took some time yesterday morning to scour the internet for prop bets related to the Super Bowl. Here are the bets I designed and the payouts I set:

Super Bowl Prop Bets

If you watched the Super Bowl, you know that it was one of the worst games ever. The Broncos did everything they could to lose and the Seahawks were fairly flawless. If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, what’s wrong with you?

We had a Super Bowl party at our condo, and charged $2 to enter our betting game. I was obviously not expecting the outcome of the game that happened, because I set “Seahawks win by 29.5 or more” as 100-1 odds. That came true and made calculating the winner pretty easy. Ryan and Nicole Van Klompenburg take home the winnings with their long-shot bet.

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