Michigan’s Adventure Rides


The first stop on our whirlwind tour was Michigan’s Adventure, in Muskegon, MI, on Sunday, July 17, 2016. We arrived around noon, after spending the morning with Professor Tim Pennings in Holland, MI. Michigan’s Adventure is a relatively small park (though it is Michigan’s largest), with 53 total rides, including 7 roller coaster. It does have a nice lake in the middle:

But there is not a circular path around the park. In fact, the two roller coasters above have the longest walk between them. Here is the park map (click to expand):

Michigan's Adventure Park Map

For my ride reviews this week, I’ll be sharing the rides we rode, in order. I’ll give a brief description of the ride, along with thoughts from Maria and me. Then we’ll finish with a rating out of 10. All pictures shown were taken by Maria on one of our phone’s cameras.

1. Shivering Timbers
Wooden coaster with a decent hill (125 ft). 65 mph. Out and back coaster (not many turns). Supposed to be the only coaster in the world with a ‘trick track’ that throws riders to the left then right all of a sudden when going straight. I wasn’t as impressed by the trick as I was hoping. Overall, not too bumpy for a wooden ride.
Eric: 6/10
Maria: 7/10

2. Wolverine Wildcat
Wooden coaster with a bizarre name (I get Wolverine, we’re in Michigan. But why Wildcat too?). 85 ft tall, 55 mph. Has an early tunnel. Very bumpy. Not interesting and few redeeming qualities. Only running one train while we were there.
Eric: 2/10
Maria: 2/10

3. Corkscrew
Old steel coaster with 2 corkscrews. 70 ft, 45 mph. Only running 1 train. We timed it: 1 minute, 24 seconds from the time the train started moving to the time it was back stopped in the station. Really only 1 minute of actual movement. Has a hard stop with whiplash at the end.
Eric: 2/10
Maria: 2/10

4. Mad Mouse
Steel wild mouse coaster. Follows the same track design as rides at Canada’s Wonderland and Hersheypark. Each train is only 4 people, allowing for fast turns and drops. Kind of a kid ride.
Eric: 4/10
Maria: 5/10

5. Thunderhawk
Steel suspended coaster. 120 ft, 50 mph. Previously operated at Geauga Lake. Interlacing corkscrews in the middle of the ride; otherwise forgettable. Whiplash at the end.
Eric: 5/10
Maria: 5/10

6. Zach’s Zoomer
Wooden kid ride with tiny seats. Maria and I couldn’t fit in the same car (due to my long legs). My knees banged throughout the ride. “Family friendly”. Boring.
Eric: 1/10
Maria: 3/10

And… that’s all folks. Not a big park. We didn’t do the water park. Probably the shortest I’ve ever spent in an amusement park; we were out at 2:30pm after 2.5 hours.

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