INFORMS Annual Conference 2015 Recap


I thought the conference went relatively well. I was very busy, with an energy talk on Sunday, sports poster on Monday, healthcare talk on Tuesday, and call center talk on Wednesday. All the talks went well and were pretty well attended (20-30 at each).

Maria was able to attend the conference as well, and she attended a mix of information systems talks and sports talks. We explored Philly on Saturday (Halloween), seeing the art museum (Rocky steps), Love sculpture, and Ben Franklin statue/museum during the day and doing a ghost tour at night (saw Independence Hall). Philly has a lot of history, but seems like not a great city nowadays. We had a few cheesesteaks, but couldn’t make it out to the famous cheesesteak venues.

One promising development from the conference was the SpORts business meeting. It’s good to see the section getting back on its feet, with plans for the future.

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