Current Projects

People ask me all the time what I’m working on. While the Current Projects page has a little bit of relevant information, it is intentionally incomplete. I have a list of the multitude of projects that I am working on at this time.

Hopefully leading to academic papers:
-Prehospital Triage paper
-NFL betting model
-Sunk Costs in Call Centers Project
-Energy research (beginning in January)
-Forecasting Sports Attendance to aid in staffing decisions
-End-game decision making in basketball
-Anchoring effect of online advertisements

-Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in February, as a spectator
-Potentially POMS, INFORMS Healthcare, and MSOM, depending on funding and talk submission

Interesting projects (most of which do not have a defined goal or end-state at this time):
-Compiling list of seminal papers in operations management/research
-Applying network-based ranking system to sports leagues
-Writing and recording video lectures based on my graduate studies (for website and for future student reference)

Courses (Spring 2015):
-4 Operations Management/Decision Science topical courses (half-semester each)
-Data Mining course (half-semester)
-Information Economics (half-semester)
(Expect to read 3-5 academic papers per class per week. 3 classes each half-semester, so 10-15 papers per week.)

Personal Projects:
-Plan wedding
-3-5 website posts per week
-Fantasy Football (just finished season)
Watch Sports
-Work out or exercise 3-4 times per week, keeping track of lifting improvements
-Read lots of books (currently reading: Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahneman, Blackett’s War by Budiansky, Common Errors in Statistics by Good, It Works by Evans, Microeconometrics by Cameron, Master and Commander by O’Brian)
-Keep personal lists (books read, movies watched, etc)
-Have lots of dinner parties and other parties

I worry that I have too much on my plate, and I am very busy. But I enjoy the variety, and neither my coursework nor research seems to be suffering. So I carry on.

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