Code Monkey Mondays- LaTeX for WordPress

If you like to write math and run a blog with WordPress, it may be useful to know how to use LaTeX in your posts. First question: do you host your own blog and use as the formatting system or does host your blog?

Self-hosting with formatting:

This is what I use for my site. Goto Plugins and search for LaTeX. Install the plugin WP LaTeX. You can now add equations and math to your posts by typing “latex mathy-LaTeX-code” with $ instead of quotes. So, for example, “latex e=mc^2” would become e=mc^2 if I had used the dollar signs instead of the quotes on the outside of the expression. To allow similar expressions to be used in your comments, goto the Plugin settings and enable the comments parsing.

Blog hosted by

You don’t need to install any plugins. Just type LaTeX as described above and it will auto-parse.

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