Code Monkey Monday- Math Mode in Microsoft Word

If you write in LaTeX (or can learn), you’re well-equipped to write mathematical equations in newer versions of Microsoft Word. I have Word 2010 installed on my computer. To enter math mode, hold down the Alt key and hit the “=” key. Math mode accepts LaTeX-like formulas. It is slightly better than LaTeX as well, because you can see exactly how your equation will look as you type it. Whenever you’ve finished typing a complicated symbol or function and want it to display, just hit spacebar. You can click outside the math mode box or type Alt+= again to exit math mode.

Here’s an example. In math mode, type “\int_0^24 \lambda(t) dt” to get an integral that looks like \int_0^{24} \lambda(t) dt. This saves you from having to find and click on all the suggested symbols in Word to get an equation you want.

Thanks to Alex Mills for this suggestion.

Remember that you can also use LaTeX in WordPress blog posts.

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