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NFL Picks – Week 13 of 2017

My model has a tendency to pick underdogs when the spread is high. This wasn’t a good week for that. Ouch.

All of these are as measured by points scored/allowed:
Top 4 offenses to this point: Eagles, Saints, Rams, Patriots
Top 4 defenses to this point: Jaguars, Vikings, Ravens, Chargers/Eagles/Steelers
Worst 4 offenses to this point: Browns, Giants, Dolphins, Bears
Worst 4 defenses to this point: Colts, Browns, Dolphins/Texans

Overall Against the Spread: 76-78
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 8-6
Week 4: 7-9
Week 5: 7-6
Week 6: 8-5
Week 7: 10-4
Week 8: 6-7
Week 9: 9-4
Week 10: 5-9
Week 11: 4-9
Week 12: 3-12

Rounding the Bases 20171117

Thoughts on one-and-done.

The Bucks are long.

What they started was something of a franchise makeover. That night, Bucks management peered into the future and imagined a team that would be all arms, legs and hops. The Bucks might never attract a superstar in free agency, but they vowed to never be outlengthed and outathleticized again.

Bold choice, Utah Valley.

I don’t want to talk about IU. Or the Bengals. Or the Colts.