Book Review – The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living
by Meik Wiking, 2016

Review by Maria:

How do people who spend more than half the year in dark, cold, wet weather consistently rank among the top countries for “happiest citizens”? The Little Book of Hygge took us through steps the Danes take to keep their sanity all year around: spend lots of quality time with close friends and family, treat yourself frequently (whether with a chocolate, bath, picnic, barbeque – anything works), and create cozy, warm, safe spaces into which to retreat (think candles, blankets, soft lighting, and nooks to curl up in). The author, a researcher for the Happiness Research Institute (headquartered in Denmark, of course), boils it down to creating “everyday happiness”. We listened to this on audiobook on the last part of our drive home from New Mexico (the author, who narrates it, has a very hygge-ly voice); when we got home I immediately lit candles and we lowered the lights. It’s a short, quick read and worth picking up, especially for anyone who endures winter.

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