Book Review- It Works

It Works
by Melvin Evans, 1946

it works
(I’m not sure if the cover really looks like this. My copy is really from 1946 and doesn’t have a dust jacket.)

This book will make you a better person. It’s written by an “industrial executive and management engineer” who has moved on to studying human engineering. His book is filled with suggestions for doing better at work, at home, and in the community. It’s refreshing to read a book founded on good morals and Christian virtues. You don’t read much written with this sort of vigor anymore. Reading it just made me feel good.

The last chapter quotes the Gettysburg address, a plan for peace from a Chinese peasant, and a prayer from the author’s daughter: “God, give us the strength and willpower today to do the things we know we should do for Thee, but so often lack the courage.” The book praises democracy and the American way profusely. The three parts of the book are “E Pluribus Unum- Teamwork”, “In God We Trust- Faith”, and “Liberty- How It Works”. Throughout, there are calls for people to do things the right way with the right intentions, in order to generate good results: It Works!

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  1. Dad

    I tried to order this book from the Lexington library, but it they don’t seem to have it. If you think I need to read it could I borrow your copy?

    Love you,


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