Book Review- Gatefather

by Orson Scott Card, 2015


The final installment in the Mithermages trilogy. Continues storylines from the previous book, The Gate Thief. Checks in at almost 400 pages, though I read it in about a day. Could have lost 50-100 pages of excessive dialogue with some tidying editing. The storyline about the high schoolers is particularly long-winded and somewhat superfluous in this book. I get that the main character is supposed to still be a 17 year old, but trying to ground him to other high school friends in the midst of the chaos and power swirling around his world doesn’t work very well.

With about 20 pages to go, I was worried that this was going to need a 4th book to wrap up the various storylines, but it finally does bring it all to a conclusion. Worth reading if you’ve started the trilogy.

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