Book Review- Energy for the 21st Century

Energy for the 21st Century: A Comprehensive Guide to Conventional and Alternative Sources
by Roy L. Nersesian, 2007

energy for the 21st century

This textbook covers energy generation (from biomass, coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydropower, wind, solar, wave, hydrogen fuel cells) in depth. It has a good discussion of the deregulation of the US energy market. The chapter about biomass production was particularly interesting, though such an energy source will not play a large role in generation of developed countries. I did not read the two chapters about oil, as I imagine they are out of date (written in 2007) with the boom of shale oil nowadays. Recommended for people wanting a background in all things energy for research (i.e. me), but beware that it is a slow textbook-like read.

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