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Offense/Defense Strength for March Madness Teams

Last year, I posted the offense/defensive strengths for each NCAA tournament team, based on the scores of all NCAA games throughout the season. Below, you will find the values for 2016 March Madness.

Some things to note:
1. 6 tournament teams are below NCAA Division 1 average.
2. The top 11 teams are within 5 expected points of each other.
3. Michigan St is the 2nd best team and got a 2 seed. West Virginia is the 3rd best team and got a 3 seed.
4. Oregon is the 18th best team and got a 1 seed.
5. Purdue, Vanderbilt, Gonzaga, Michigan, and Wichita St are quite under-seeded.
6. Xavier, Oregon, and Utah are quite over-seeded.
7. The Kentucky (19.2 points above average) and Indiana (18.5 points above average) matchup in the second round will be a good game.

2016 teams

Book Review- Presentation in Action

Presentations in Action
by Jerry Weissman, 2011

Presentations in action

A quick read that describes preparing for public presentations. One needs to know his material, to have good slides, to connect with the audience, and to handle questions appropriately. I think I’ll mark a few “lessons” to refer back to when making important presentations (i.e. job talks and important conference presentations).

Japanese Spam

Why does my website keep getting overrun with Japanese spam in the comments? I use the Akismet plugin on WordPress to block spam, but it is doing a terrible job. Does anyone know a way of blocking all non-English comments?