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Book Review- You Can’t Make This Up

You Can’t Make This Up
by Al Michaels, with L. Jon Wertheim, 2014

you can't make this up

Al Michaels, self-proclaimed rascal, writes a cool book about all the great events he had the fortune of announcing over the years. He did Sunday/Monday Night Football, World Series, Super Bowls, Stanley Cups, NBA Finals, Olympics, and the Miracle on Ice. Al got his first real major-league break with the Reds in the early 70’s; he was replaced by Marty Brennaman after he left for the Giants after a contract dispute. Al gets most animated in his writing during the section about the racehorse he owned, hearkening back to the time when his mother would pull him out of school to go to the racetrack (also called “the dentist”). I listened to this book on tape.

As an aside, the Sunday Night Football intro is Maria’s favorite song. If you go back and watch old intros, it’s funny how the song has been tweaked over the years.

You can even co-opt the song for Super Bowl broadcasts

NFL Picks- Week 9 of 2015

Week 8’s Titans/Texans spread ended up being -3.5, which led to a loss for me (I had Texans by 2.1).

Overall Against the Spread: 49-48
Week 2: 9-7
Week 3: 5-11
Week 4: 10-5
Week 5: 5-6 (2 pushes, 1 not bet due to correct line)
Week 6: 8-6
Week 7: 6-7 (1 not bet due to correct line)
Week 8: 6-6 (2 pushes)

This Week’s Predictions (line in parentheses):
Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (-11.0): Predicting 18.5-29.0. Bet on the Cleveland Browns.
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (-3.0): Predicting 21.8-25.9. Bet on the Buffalo Bills.
Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers (+2.5): Predicting 21.0-24.6. Bet on the Carolina Panthers.
St. Louis Rams at Minnesota Vikings (-2.5): Predicting 17.7-20.7. Bet on the Minnesota Vikings.
Tennessee Titans at New Orleans Saints (-9.5): Predicting 21.1-26.6. Bet on the Tennessee Titans.
Washington Redskins at New England Patriots (-15.0): Predicting 19.1-30.8. Bet on the Washington Redskins.
Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets (-9.0): Predicting 18.7-28.2. Bet on the New York Jets.
Oakland Raiders at Pittsburgh Steelers (-4.5): Predicting 19.6-24.2. Bet on the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers (+7.5): Predicting 24.0-19.8. Bet on the San Francisco 49ers.
New York Giants at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+2.5): Predicting 25.9-26.5. Bet on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts (+5.5): Predicting 22.7-20.3. Bet on the Indianapolis Colts.
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys (+2.5): Predicting 21.4-20.4. Bet on the Dallas Cowboys.
Chicago Bears at San Diego Chargers (-4.0): Predicting 23.0-27.7. Bet on the San Diego Chargers.