Monthly Archives: May 2014

Blog Post Schedule

Here is the current weekly schedule for blog posting for me:
Monday AM: Code Monkey Monday
Monday PM: Life Tips
Tuesday AM: Two Links Tuesday
Tuesday PM: Theory Tuesday
Wednesday: Sports Talk
Thursday AM: Theory Thursday
Thursday PM: Project Updates
Friday: Book Review

What to expect in the posts:
I don’t like to spend a lot of time typing, so most posts will be short. You’re welcome. If you want further elaboration, please comment or email ( me.
Code Monkey Monday: I’ve programmed a lot more than most non-computer scientists. I will write tips for getting started and details of interesting things I’ve come across.
Life Tips: Short suggestions of things that make more more healthy/productive/awesome.
Two Links Tuesday: Two websites or news stories that caught my eye and are worth sharing.
Theory Tuesday/Thursday: I’m studying Decision Science and Operations Management with the hope of teaching these subjects in the future. These short posts are my way of providing brief explanations of technical topics for anyone that wants to know what my field is all about. Hopefully future students can reference them.
Project Updates: Short post about what I’ve accomplished lately.
Book Reviews: I read quite a bit, most of which is non-fiction. These are short reviews of the books that I have read recently.

Update on 8/15/14: Occasionally I will write a post about my travels. This will only happen when I have a unique perspective that Maria’s website can’t cover.

A backlog of each kind of post will be available in the “Past Posts” section.