Monthly Archives: April 2014

Summer Plans

The lack of posting lately is directly related to the influx in homework and extracurricular travel that has accompanied this semester. But classes are over in a couple weeks, and I’m planning on creating a regular schedule for posting for the summer. Give me a couple weeks to create a backlog of posts so that the system works.

This summer, I’ve decided not to take on any commitments. No school. No internships. No job. May-August will be the longest streak of unstructured time that I have had in my adult life.

Junior/senior years of high school, I had a summer job. McDonald’s and Lonestar Steakhouse. From 2006-2010, I had 5 summer internships. Hope College, Case Western, UCLA, and 2 years at the Aerospace Corporation. 2011-2013 I was working at Booz Allen. So this year will be the first time I’ve had time to myself.

The goal is to be outrageously productive in research, to compensate for the fact that I’ve had to put research on the back-burner this semester due to homework and travel. Will update as I go. We’ll be in Bloomington for most of the summer, save for a few short trips.